Enroll your child for the summer, for the year,
part time or full time. 
Right now is your opportunity. 
At midtown child care center will not have openings for long.
But we do NOW.
See our platform for play where children 
can try on their dramatic side!
Visit our natural playscape 
where in the middle of the city 
nature is a safe place to play. 
The sights, scents and textures of nature. 
Wildlife; butterflies, birds, flowers and herbs
that will enchant and envelope your child at play.
We are a place where children lead the way
 and art always wins!
Each child is unique and 
learning comes in many styles. 
Our program offers a variety of the best styles 
to give young children the opportunity to find 
which style suits their personal learning needs.
 And let’s not ever overlook the value of 
social relationships, negotiating space, 
boundaries and property 
…and just having fun with friends.
Teachers rock! 
Our teachers blend nurturing, commitment and fun
 to be the next best thing to YOU, the parent. 
Let us build relationships with your child 
and set them up for success in school, forever.
Noise? Music? Who’s to say? 
Our ‘banging post’ creates an opportunity 
for exploring sound in that kinetic way that children do.
Seeking a passive, quiet space for reading or just being still?
That’s the power and beauty of balance.
Learn about our Floor books. 
In our program our teachers encourage the 
children’s voices and ideas become 
a part of the curriculum. 
Join the Caring Connection Children’s Center family on “J” Street.
Learn about our 
Enlightened Discipline philosophy.


Make a choice. 
Make a change. 
Make it today.