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Wellness Vs Illness

Caring Connection Children's CenterAt Enlightened Play Preschools, it is our joy to become part of your parenting team and learn your child’s moods and attitudes. This will become very helpful if your child becomes symptomatic while in our care.

We are on your side to help catch, in advance the signs and symptoms which might lead to illness so that you can attend to your child and do whatever is necessary to keep them healthy. We may notice a change in response, attitude and give you a courtesy call or speak with you when you arrive so that you can prepare your employer or make an appointment with your pediatrician.

Child care and germs: We clean all day long.

We sanitize, use a bleach solution on surfaces, frequent hand washing, and toy washing. We eat well, hydrate well and provide rest times. But, keep in mind we are a group care environment. The more people that a child or adult is in contact with, the more potential germs. Most children build resistance to illnesses and have few problems.

In order to keep our center as well as possible, it is imperative that we limit sick children’s contact with other children in childcare. We require a 24-hour wellness policy. Our goal is well children and teaching staff.

What does this mean? Your child must have 24 hours out of preschool with no symptoms.

Sometimes when a child begins to feel better, their symptoms decrease. But they may have not fully recovered from their illness. So, as a parent, you say, “Fever broke, vomiting stopped. It’s 9 pm” Our policies say….no school tomorrow. You must have 24 hours of no vomiting, no fever. If any symptoms return within those 24 hours, the clock must be stopped and restarted until there are no symptoms.

Children also need their parent when they are ill.

They need more time, attention, and nurturing than our classroom environment may offer.

What determines illness?

We determine that illness is obvious with one or more of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cold symptoms (green mucous, heavy coughing), or lethargy. We will also look for signs of pink-eye, ear or toothaches, head lice, and so forth. Children with unidentified rashes may be asked to see a physician.

If your child has an unusual series of symptoms, we may ask for a physician’s note to clarify.


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