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We are so proud to tell you that we get farm fresh fruits and vegetables delivered weekly from Vierra Farms. Teaching about these foods has become a whole new subject. Not only do we learn all their names, but even how to eat them.

So Vierra Farms makes sure we have fresh, wholesome foods…

But we also get to open a box each week filled with surprises! Who doesn’t love surprises?!

…And, of course, because we work with children food is never just for eating.

So, now we can even change the way we choose foods:

See our awesome potato bar!

It’s a new type of learning and choosing to think about how to mix

and match foods that we can keep separate or eat together.

It takes a lot of patience, in fact a great deal more patience for teachers to allow children “to do” and “to choose” for themselves.

Making choices and trying new foods is extremely exciting! Join us for lunch.

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