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Sometimes we bring the outside, in and explore what happens…. In this case it’s simply dirt and water. Yep, mud. Let’s see who can let go and relax with this combination?

It takes a little warming up to get the ball rolling. Of course, we are inside. We don’t want that ball to roll too far off course, either.
But, once they figure it out… fun and discovery are in the making.
“Squishy”, “cool”, “gritty”, “wet” … language skills? You bet!
And, alas… We have MUD!
Caring Connection Children’s Center follows three core principles: Safe, Kind and Clean. In this case, as so many others… we can do things that might be seen as messy or dirty, as long as we can clean them up. So can we play with mud inside? Just as long as we are prepared and able to make it clean afterward.