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At least once a year, a visiting parent will say, “But my child really doesn’t take naps. What will he or she do?”

I’ve had many years of experience explaining that “at preschool our pace and activity level is so much faster than at home. Even your child may sleep or at least rest”.

Nap-time is one of the three great times we rely on peer pressure. When those around children are doing something, most children will do it too. (Not so good for your 14 year old with a can of spray paint), but great for:

1)Your two-year-old learning to use the toilet
2)Your picky eater trying new foods at preschool
3)Your stubborn napper sleeping soundly after a busy morning.

And then…. it’s up! Put away your mat. Kiss your baby, fold your blanket. Put your shoes back on. Go potty, get ready….get set the afternoon preschool has just begun!

I thought we’d share some naptime photos. Enjoy!