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At Caring Connection indoors and outdoors can sometimes blend into one, especially in the summer. Learning is not just fun…it’s gonna “pop” in the summer. We make an extra special effort to make summer ideas (our themes) more extravagant, more wild and yes, even more intensely academic for those kids who are heading off to kindergarten.
Blending colors and scents for another messy project

But for all children, these summer months with dirty feet, wet clothes (and a light suntan from the beautiful weather)…are learning everywhere. With their hands, with their eyes, with their ears they are learning. Their skills and confidence are building. Their joy is obvious.

An outdoor nature band, the driftwood players on the meadow stage
 By watching their friends, by leading and by following they are learning. This process; this busy, moving-target-of-a-process is so child specific and so important. We herald it before the years of desks and test-taking arrive.
Math and science, counting, sorting and sequencing…at the beach in our own playground
We thrive in it. We applaud it.
We are so happy to be here with your children.