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Today with the help of teachers, parents and extended family we had a huge plan and actually completed all the tasks we had planned to tackle. We sunk the sandboxes, using plastic pond liners to add to the more natural shape of the yard; scraped out a walking path and layered with decomposed granite; built a slide hill (using displaced dirt from sunken ponds) and laying down sod to take root; created a mudpie kitchen complete with dinner bell at children’s level soon to be added some log tables and chairs; we created a brick circle to hold the plants under birch trees; created two small willow arches (although we used maple); and the water feature, a faux millstone fountain that is buried under river rock with no exposed water danger but a lovely trickling sound among the river rocks. And we have a large pot with fresh herbs to add to our meals and gardening skills.

We will need to continue cleaning up and eventually edging the granite walking path and continuing in behind the slide hill. The slide hill was too unstable to place stepping stones today. We will wait for those as well. We may path in the missing sod in the next day or two with some wild looking grassy plants to add to the natural feeling of the slide hill.
We have left a small gap area where we’ve planted an apple tree and a few flowers. This open space will eventually become our sound garden, chimes, drums, bamboo reeds…..
Let the spring weather rule! California sunshine with some showers to secure the plantings.