Sometimes as parents, we wonder if our children will get the same family traditions that we cherish. As I worked in my office yesterday, at Caring Connection Children’s Center everyone who visited and worked there was reliving their own personal memories of fall, family, Thanksgiving and the warmth and love that we associate with these things.
Are traditions the same as prior generations? Not at all. Phones are in our pockets, not hanging on the wall. TVs are paper thin and we get our news from our computer that’s in our hands!
But the essence of holiday time is none of those things. Scent, aroma, taste, community effort, waiting…..and then, TA DA! The oven opens and you get to see how you’ve done.
Pumpkin pies made at preschool or pumpkin pies made in grandma’s kitchen…. Whose to say what memory is better?
For many people, grandma’s kitchen was not ever baking pies, that was only in the movies. If any of you are like me, I’m a working mom and I can count on one hand how many pies I made at home. (And I think they were all before I had children). But that doesn’t matter.
The love, joy and delight that these children get you experience and start that little flicker of scent memory around pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon…
Welcome children as we prepare your memory-making at Caring Connection!

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