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At our Caring Connection Children’s Centers, we are thrilled to have each season to

build enrollment and develop our curriculum

and teachers’ skills.

We are always surprised in the the way each day unfolds for each child it’s a new experience. That is what our goal is to give each child his or her

own personal experience in a community of their peers.


Whether learning about the cycle of the butterfly

or experiencing the beauty of colors

and spring light. All learning in every season cracks open new ideas, new wonders, new questions and contemplation. With each question comes a storm of new language to introduce. With each discovery comes answers and conclusions to developing critical thinking.


Even during our meals, we are creating

science and art and exploring simple things

in new ways. We are understanding the importance of nutrition for our body, learning how to develop our palette to new tastes and ideas. We are understanding that I am not the only hungry child, but so are me peers, the boy to my left and the girl to my right.





While building skills and filling the room with scent

…more awareness and discovery.

Light, color and the blending of

these things keep minds growing

and hands working.

As our campuses moves through this season

and the children move forward into the next season of their young lives,

we are so grateful to have shared this time with them.