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The birds begin to tweet, the air is clear and fresh and there is a restlessness about the humans. We want to dig and socialize, we want to be a part of everything. It’s spring. From little humans to bigger humans in spring there is a freshness to life, to community to a sense of connection to new things and newer possibilities, to natural play.

At Caring Connection Children’s Center’s midtown campus as spring curved the bend we channeled all that energy into our work-yard-party. Our yard parties are not for slackers. Parents and some children help us move rocks (widening the existing dry creek), shovel soil to create a new riverbank and scrape and set a spiral stepping stone space complete with planted ground cover (we’ll see how long that can last) …and so much more.

Enjoy it with us as we continue to work together to enhance our Midtown Natural Playscape. No matter what season, or what year you come you will see the remnants or the evolution of our Natural Play Yard. As we know, change is the only thing we can all count on.

Natural Play – Waldorf – Child-centered

Natural Play - Waldorf. Nature Playscape in Spring! Natural Play - Waldorf. Nature Playscape in Spring!