define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true); Muddy, Dirty and Messy! That’s Preschool at Caring Connection - Enlightened Play Preschools

Okay, not every preschool has the same outlook as we do. At some preschools children will sit and do meticulous, well mannered activities and brush off their skirts and pants and come home slightly more rumpled than when they left home. I can guarantee that the adults are spending more time on the mechanics of doing FOR them than they are of teaching the child to do for themselves, which is our goal.

But at Caring Connection we EXPERIENCE all day long. Your child should come prepared for that… and as a parent, YOU need to be ready to help them feel good about this.

It may take a bit of adjustment for some parents more than others. But it’s a busy day, whether your child is full time or part time. Remember they paint, use chalk, pour their own beverages, scoop their own food, use the toilet, blow noses and wash their hands and faces. They are able to play in our sand “ponds” our new beach area (also sand), the bark pit (which soon will be transformed into fresh grass stains!) and the mud-pie kitchen. (Eee Gads!) When the weather is warm, you can bet that water, via sprinkler, hose or any number of vessels will be added to all of the above. We dig, explore, create and learn by doing.

We encourage parents to be okay with their young children getting soiled. This is childhood. They are just learning how their bodies work and the way they learn is through play, through trial and error and well….by DOING!

So, grab those clothes that are on deep discount sale, go to your local goodwill or thrift, use those hand-me-downs or at least don’t be upset when little Shelly, Ronnie or Tyler comes home with spaghetti sauce, paint and juice on their clothes (can you tell which is which?).

Please be prepared so that you can be enthralled and excited about the adventure that is their preschool years. (You can bring a separate change of clothes for after school events).

There will be plenty of opportunities to conform in the future. For now, let’s play and learn and let’s dig into it!!