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Dollar Store Rocks and a Gold Pen!

That’s really all it takes and matching letters, identifying the alphabet takes on a whole new dimension.

Children get used to finding those plastic or cardboard letters that are perfectly die-cut. But what about human hand-printed letters. Do they know? Can they understand them? Can they think a little harder.

Rocks are not even and smooth. This requires a great deal more focus to turn the rock around, look beyond the minor blemishes and still recognize the letter written upon it.

I love the sound of those rocks clicking together, the coolness of the them in my hands. I want to share that with children, too.

rock hunt letters

abc rocks


      finding c

rock spell



Look for the Obscure:

From neighborhood garage sales to vintage stores and thrift centers… the obscure, the odd, the collected and over-purchased. Here, a glimpse of our math counter: African beads for counting, sorting and even stringing (a garage sale find), sorting and counting small vintage apples (vintage store purchase), handmade wooden bowls and small woven baskets hold items (thrift store), a wooden abacus from a flea market.

nature math


A Basket of Shells and a Friend. 

Shells are an easy purchase at craft centers. I like to find massive amounts from garage sales that someone else is ready to get rid of. It’s a wonder to see kids sort, sequence and count these rough and smooth, bumpy and imperfect beauties.  Don’t forget to look for shells while visiting the other ocean! You’ll find a less familiar collection.

shells and math


Take a Side Trip!

When on your small or far away trips, don’t miss the chance to see a garage sale in a totally different place. This little playhouse was found in Maui at a garage sale. Originally a condiment container for a restaurant, it took on a new life as an animal or people hut. So much more natural and interesting than those cardboard or prefabricated dollhouses.




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