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While transitioning our once lawn stomped to dirt yard into the first phase of our Natural Playscape, we are discovering although it is a fun space to play in, it’s not so eye appealing. Our slide hill covered with new sod is looking a little wimpy. We must keep it wet and get the grass to take hold. The children are so enthralled with the sand pits and Mud-Pie kitchen they are not even bothered with not being able to play on the slide hill yet.

But, my vision is that it will be filled with wild looking grasses and meadow-like flowers. I can see it, now we gotta make it so!

The next phase or two will be calling for new ideas. We need to fundraise and idea-raise for the other two yard areas. Our idea is to have a moveable barrier so that infants and toddlers can technically be in the yard space without interruption. We have discussed moveable raised garden boxes that would create a fence like barrier and even can be gated for access between the wooden garden boxes. But what exactly do we want to do, what new ideas to add to the other areas?

Open for ideas. The mud pie kitchen was a wonderful idea that I stole from someone else. The ponds filled with sand and dry bridge were a great idea and the sand hill (with slide) from many Natural Playscape sites. So…. now, what for infants and toddlers?

Add a comment or call me. Let’s get busy.

We will be taking your recycleable cans and plastic bottles (no glass) and using this refund and recycle to fund our ongoing playground needs. What a great way to let recycle monies get us back to nature!