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I recently had the opportunity to take Enlightened Discipline to a new audience, the school age and jr. high teachers, leaders and mentors of the California School Age Consortium. Let’s face it, these teachers are heroes. After kids go to school and struggle all day there, they go to their school age program (which of course they are really too cool to have to be in) and these teachers, assistants, leaders work with these kids until mom and dad get over to pick them up. What a chore. And what an opportunity!
Enlightened Discipline, using the same 3 core principles that we use with younger children is still just as valid and effective as ever. The teachers at CAL-SAC were thrilled to hear that Time Outs are not effective and usually they are a power trip for adults. It’s true. We all know it. Helping these kids and emergent teens find their own answers is our real job and truthfully our only job.
It’s nice that I was able to bridge the Enlightened Discipline philosophy into the “Teens! Change is Your Choice” book. After all, when you are teaching what you believe in….it’s always the same thing.
Thanks to CAL-SAC and all of those who work with youth and teens.