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From California, to Maui, Burma to Thailand….I began to think about children and their feet, in preschool environments. I was amused and a bit envious that this Maui Preschool had a row of feet washing faucets for children as they reentered the center. Shoes in Maui are left outside from the time they arrive at school. They only put their shoes on outside, if they choose and when leaving the center.

feet faucet

So often parents worry about stubbed toes and hot cement, dirty toes and bee stings – children don’t.

They try, they do, they adjust.

sleep feet   yoga feet


While feet are usually for stomping and stepping, they can also be for holding and stretching.


In Thailand the children in preschool were either barefoot or in rubber thongs. It’s wonderful to visit other countries and environment to see how preschools and families approach even the simple things.

In Northern California, where Caring Connection Children’s Centers are located

parents are less casual about feet and their children going barefoot.

They worry more. Children, however do not. Of course each child is unique and has their own level of risk-taking and adventure as well as sensory comfort.

Some days are for casual bare-footing and some days are for hard work bare-footing.


walk over

Whether balancing on wood or negotiating river rock, bare-footing is an experience to have.


While warm seasons give us the most comfortable weather for bare-footing.

bride feet

Even winter days feet can enjoy the sense and texture of nature as witnessed by this smile!

beach feet

You won’t find FEET on a lesson plan. You won’t find them in a catalog or on the supplies list…they are, however an important component to learning, enjoying and being a human.