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Little Scarlett Riding Hood,

A girl of five years old,

Lived deep within the forest,

In a cottage trimmed with gold,

She loved her mom she loved her home,

She loved her dear sweet dad,

But then one day she got a call,

That made her very sad.


It was her Grammy who lived in town,

She had caught the flu,

“I’m sorry dear I meant to come,

And spend the day with you,

Alas I’m here home in bed,

The doctor thinks it best,

The woodsy walk is much too long,

And I must get some rest.”


Little Scarlett thought and thought,

A plan began to stir,

“If Grammy cannot come to me,

Then I will go to her.”

She baked some treats and packed them up,

The kind that Grammy liked,

Put on her cloak and off she went,

To set out on her hike.


Not long had passed but on her way,

A crying could be heard,

She looked up high and saw it was,

A little captured bird.

Scarlett knew what she must do,

The bird was in a bind,

Like her teachers taught at school,

Be clean, be safe, be kind.

She climbed the tree and freed the bird,

Who thanked her with a tweet,

“Why I must say dear hooded girl,

That was very sweet.”


Sometime later on her way,

Down further on the path,

She saw a bug stuck in the mud,

In big need of a bath.

She scooped down low to pick it up,

A fragile little thing,

With her cloak she rubbed the mud,

Off both its tiny wings.

“Oh my! I’m free!” It said with joy,

Whizzing to and fro,

“My thanks to you for I am late,

And really have to go”.


Further still she came across,

A river deep and wide.

“Oh no!” She cried for the crossing bridge,

Had snapped on either side,

“What will I do?” She said with woe,

“How will I get across?”

And then she saw them red and white,

Toadstools in the moss.

Safely she grabbed the biggest cap,

And set herself afloat,

She bobbed across to the other side,

In her clever little boat.


Finally she saw the house,

She ran and burst inside,

Grammy hugged her little dear,

And smiled oh so wide.


They shared the treats, they laughed and talked,

Long into the night,

And Scarlett spoke to Grammy,

Of her bravery and might,

At last they heard the midnight bell,

That chimed from Tower Square;

Grammy tucked her into bed,

And kissed her lovely hair,

“Goodnight sweet girl.” She said to her,

“Sweet dreams to you I send.”

Until your next adventure,

I’m afraid this is…


The End

(This story is an edited version of a story written by Rose Sathe Alm, Assistant Director and Teacher at Caring Connection, Midtown)

Dedicated to Scarlett B. who leaves for kindergarten 2015