It starts out so controlled. Sharing, taking turns and developing those skills. Look at our children truly working in community.

Of course, some kids do like to lead…
and others wait on (with ummm) patience..
their patience pays off!
But one thing leads to another and soon, the organized community seems to be leaking around the edges.
The orderliness may have to be re-thunk!
Oh, yeah. We’re moving away from orderly and into creative chaos!
But, one by one. Hands are washed and tables are cleaned.
Individual handprints do survive and make it into the kitchen kiln for firing.
To come out and finish the final steps…
Of a little love to go home.
Two small handprints that mean a lot today. And will mean more as every day passes.
A little love, some flour water and some awesome teachers….make a special Valentine’s gift.
Thanks to the teachers of Caring Connection Children’s Center who rise to the challenge and
stumble through the disorder to achieve such an amazing result with laughing and cheerful children.