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Enlightened Play Preschools in West Sacramento, CA is a progressive preschool with a creative curriculum. We have chosen the ‘best of the best’ of styles in Early Childhood Education, integrate them into our daily plan by our current teaching staff. By doing so, we have a customized curriculum, energized and personal for the current mix of children in our program, implemented by the teachers who write the lesson plans, each week. Join us as we teach in joy!

Enlightened Play Preschools is licensed by the State Department of Social Services; Community Care Licensing division. We are located in a converted duplex that has served the West Sacramento and Sacramento areas since 1979. In fact, this location was originally Sacramento’s first privately owned infant center.

Fast-forward to 1996 when David Sathe and Julie Jenkins Sathe renovated the center with the property owner; reusing the space to allow for more children, creating an office and adding more modern carpet, tile and extending the playground. The site has grown and changed over the years, as is needed and as financing allows.
grassy hillsThe children’s play area is completely secured behind the school building. Blacktop was replaced by cement, sand and bark add to the variety of textures, murals adorn the walls for creative inspiration and change is the one thing we can always count on. The sand box changes to a garden, while to cement changes to a trike path and … the beat goes on. Enlightened Play Preschools is licensed for 11 infants and toddlers: birth to 24 months, and 30 preschoolers 2 years to 6 years. We happily accept Kindergarteners before or after school who can provide their own transportation to and from elementary school.

Facility Numbers: 573621841/ 573621842


Learn more about Enlightened Discipline

Author Julie Jenkins insists that we say goodbye to the naughty mat and call “time out” on timeouts. Leave all those old-school techniques behind. This is the manual for teaching the foundations on self-discipline, common sense and self-respect to young children. Written for every teacher in the early childhood field and every parent with young children.

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Meet Julie

Julie Jenkins devoted 30+ years to up leveling the way adults teach children about behavior. She put her philosophy into print in 2004 in Enlightened Discipline.


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2100 J Street,
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