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“Caring Connection is a caring educational environment with plenty of room for growth and exploration.  My daughter has attended the Center for two years and has loved every minute of it.  She has perfected life skills (cleaning up, pouring milk, using a cup and fork, using the potty, kind words) as well as achieved many educational milestones (animals, colors, numbers, alphabet, huge vocabulary, songs) at 2 1/2.  I know she is thriving in this environment and I look forward to the next thing she will teach me.”

Christal W, West Sacramento, CA


“I have not only visited this facility for years, but I have also spent time around the owner who has cared for my children at various ages/stages.  I have NEVER been around a child care provider/teacher, even staff,  that was more passionate about attending to not only the physical needs of children but attending to their hearts, emotional needs and their need to feel so connected, included, and esteemed.  Amazing childcare, amazing and well- trained staff people.  Children are safe, clean, and so cared for there.”

Rhonda K. Sacramento, CA


“Caring Connection is a wonderful daycare/preschool.   My son went there from age 3 months until he started Kindergarten.  The staff are very caring and attentive to the children.  They provide them with the learning tools they need to succeed and my son was totally prepared when he started Kindergarten!
Recently my daughter had the opportunity to help out at the Center to gain experience in the childcare field and I was pleased to see they are just as dedicated and attentive as always.

I would highly recommend taking your child to Caring Connection.”

Beryl A, West Sacramento


“Finding the right daycare/preschool provider for your child can be a daunting task.  I visited several facilities and none of them felt as welcoming as Caring Connections.

I dropped by unscheduled (and during a busy time of the day) and they took the time to answer my questions and show me around. I ultimately chose to place my son in their care. Before Caring Connections, my mom had been our only babysitter, so needless to say dropping him off came with a lot a tears.  The staff reassured me that it would get better, and it did.  My son enjoyed being there, learning, playing, and making friends.  They helped assist with his potty training, and the preschool program was right on. (he started reading in Kindergarten!)

I especially loved being apart of the field trips, holiday lunch’s, and the fantastic Christmas plays.

It was bitter sweet when it was time for my son to enter Kindergarten, I was definitely going to miss the team.  When my son was in first grade, we had a death occur in the family.  During the time when the incident happened, I did not want my son around it all.  Caring Connections was there for us.  We reached out to Julie and were able to leave him there for a few hours.  When it was time for me to pick him up, Julie was there.   I will never forget it, she took time out of her busy day to talk to me, and lend me a shoulder.  Caring Connections will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Jill S., San Diego, CA


“My daughter has been attending Caring Connections for almost 2 years now, and we absolutely love it.  They  have a very friendly and caring staff in which my daughter speaks highly of daily.  They have taught my daughter so much,  from using her creativity to its max,  social skills, and prep for kindergarten.  Julie the owner, has done a wonderful job with the facility and I am so thankful for everything she offers.”

Jamie N., West Sacramento


“I used to go to this preschool!!!  I loved it!  I just recently turned 20 years old and can still remember how awesome this place was!  The ‘Discovery Room’ was my favorite, It had birds, fish and microscopes!  The playground was great too.  It seemed like such a huge place when I was a child.  They had a handful of tricycles that were a blast!  I wish I could be a child again at Caring Connection, if just for one day!”

Spenser F., Carmichael, CA


“We decided to send our 1 year old son to daycare. We were EXTREMELY careful and selective about the childcare we were going to choose.  After meeting The Caring Connection Children Centers staff and seeing the wonderfully supportive, explorative, and safe atmosphere they have created in their daycare we were certain that we had found the right place and have been there for nearly a year now.

Our son has FLOURISHED under the care of  Ms Linda.  Every single day when we pick him up he is happy, well rested, and well fed.  He has learned so much there as well.  The Caring Connection  has helped him through all of his major toddler milestones of learning his colors and ABC’s and learning how to play well with others.  Their discipline style is always caring.

The entire backyard has been transformed into a toddler playground with a big tree that provides shade from the sun where the kids take turns on the slide, or play with their own handmade Mud Pie Kitchen, or spend time in the huge sandbox.  They spend a lot of time outside running around and our son is always eager and ready for bed at night and sleeps well during his naps.

One of the other great things about the Caring Connection Children Center setup is that they cycle in each month under different themes such as: transportation, bugs, family, farm, all about me month, etc.  The kids are never bored!

Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend the Caring Connection Children Center for your childcare needs.  Even during the tough time at the beginning when our son experienced separation anxiety for a few weeks, Linda was constantly texting me updates and pictures of him smiling and playing.  After those initial weeks, our son now has so much fun, we have a hard time trying to get him to leave.”

Marcella S. West Sacramento, CA


“As a stay at home mother for two years, I was beyond apprehensive about enrolling my first and only son into preschool.  After extensive research and endless tours of large-hotel-for-kid-type schools, I was ready to give up my search.  Then I found Caring Connection Children’s Center.  

I knew the second I walked in and met the owner, Julie, that I had found the right place!  My son LOVES his days at preschool and is learning and developing quickly, right before my eyes (thanks to all the photos I receive, documenting my child’s day).  The safe, kind and clean philosophy (no time outs, natural and logical consequence) line up exactly with how I strive to parent at home.  I love the playground, and the natural elements that engage the children in such a deep way.  

I am thrilled by the teacher implemented and child guided lesson plans, the floor books, the take home art, the elements of nature integrated into all aspects of learning, the singing, always someone is singing, I just love everything!  I love that my son is taught to clean up but first allowed to make a huge mess, he is allowed to be a kid!  The nutritious family style meals, the diapers provided, the parent involvement and recognition, and the obvious love for the children that the staff exudes is just the cherry on top!  I would highly recommend Caring Connection Children’s Center for any family looking for a high quality, safe, and happy environment to learn and grow!”

K.L., Citrus Heights, CA


“I just wanted to take a moment to compliment Caring Connection.  We recently moved my 4 year old son here and so far we are all absolutely thrilled with the experience!  I was saddened when our in-home childcare provider was closing because he’d been with her for years and we loved her.  We were referred to Caring Connection and I am so glad for the referral.  My son loves it (so much so he asks to go on the weekends) and all the teachers are amazing!!  Everyone’s extremely sweet and I can tell that he’s happy and fulfilled there. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my wee one.  Highly recommend!”

Charlotte S.


“My two sons love it here. I have a 4 year old and a 2 two year old, and we signed up in September because their in-home daycare closed. 

Since the price difference between in-home care and a daycare center was going to be big, I wanted to make sure we made the right choice.  We did!  After looking at a few centers in the midtown area, I was immediately impressed by Caring Connection.  

The first thing you see is a beautifully designed outdoor play area, with a padded area for a play structure, a home-made teepee for fun times, a little garden and a grassy hill for mud fun, a rock stream, picnic tables, a bunny hutch! 

Their day is divided into little sessions, some spent outdoors playing, some spent indoors for circle time, story time, learning time, crafts, lunch and snacks. There are two separate spaces for two groups of kids, diapered and potty trained.  The older kids work on more focused activities and lessons.  They learn about the days of the week, nocturnal creatures, planets.  My older son is full of information when he gets back.  The younger kids play with toys and do crafts, sing songs that my little one will hum during dinner.

And the menu is delicious, seriously.  I envy that food, chicken cacciatore (I’m not kidding), meat loaf, rice and beans, fresh vegetables and fruit with every meal.  A lot of time and thought goes into their menu plans. 

It took my kids maybe two days to get used to being there. The teachers and owner really love the kids and comfort them when they’re sad.  My boys honestly love being there.  They may come home tired, but they don’t come home grumpy, as if they’d been holding in their real feelings all day.  I’m very happy with Caring Connection. I really love it!”

Christina S.


“I just recently started my daughter at Caring Connection a couple of days a week and she really loves it.  I really loved the idea of learning through play, in a safe, nurturing environment and that’s just what she does on the days she is there.  The teachers are wonderful, caring and attentive and I’m so glad I chose Caring Connection as my daughters pre-school.”

Katie R.

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