So…you ask,
“What makes Caring Connection Children’s Center special? What makes this preschool stand apart from the rest?”
Caring Connection Children’s Center is led by Julie Jenkins Sathe. Julie has been in the ECE field in Sacramentosince 1979. In 1987 Julie was the founder of Hand-In-Hand Preschool in not just one, but three locations. The final location was sold to a former teacher, Linnea Hathaway who has continued to operate it as one of the highest quality, well respected preschools in Sacramento.
In 1996 Julie reopened her new school in  West Sacramento under her new name, Caring Connection Children’s Center.
This current location serves infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

 In all of her schools, Julie uses the philosophy she developed in 1986, which she has copyrighted in 2007 as “Enlightened Discipline” ©, (The Safe, Kind & Clean philosophy). Enlightened Discipline © starts where Logical and Natural consequences leaves off. The pivotal difference in Enlightened Discipline are the 3 guiding principles and the absolute non use of Time-Outs. Children are always taught to be involved with the consequences of their actions, create a solution and allowed to make amends, move on and reunite with their friends. Julie teaches the Enlightened Discipline philosophy to school districts, Early Childhood community college classes and independently owned centers throughout California.

“But what about the preschool?” 
Caring Connection Children’s Center seeks to offer a balanced program with many styles of learning and play available to your child. Not one philosophy, but a blend of the best philosophies. The many styles that parents hear about.

A little bit of Reggio with a dash of Montessori, a mix of Waldorf a blast of Bev Bos and influence from Rudolf Dreikurs and Magda Gerber, just to name a few.

In addition, Caring Connection has invested time and attention into developing their Natural Playscapes. Both of our locations feature amazing natural solutions to outdoor play, play spaces that are more like the real world, less man-made materials.

Let me say loud and clear, Caring Connection is a learning environment, but one that guides children to learn, discover, wonder, ponder and co-create their curriculum with teachers who listen and implement their ideas.

This gives children ownership and builds upon their belief that they are important. They are heard. They matter.

At Caring Connection Children’s Center we want children to practice life, try new foods, garden, paint, sing and learn their numbers.

We encourage children to empathize with others, share their space and property but also to take responsibility for the planet, the animals, the insects in their world. We understand children will make mistakes and we want to be with them as they find new ways to resolve them, in a safe place to practice those behaviors.

 “What is the role of the parent?” 

We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable leaving your child with us. We are your connection to your child during their preschool day, whatever schedule you choose.

We want you to be able to concentrate while you are away from your child and look forward to sharing their day with them, at pick up time. We honor you as a parent. We always welcome visitors, without an appointment to visit our facility, see our program, join us in a meal or snack.

We hope you will share this information with your friends as Caring Connection Children’s Center prepares to open our new Midtown Sacramento
location at 2100 J Street.
Call Julie Jenkins Sathe at 916-371-3301 to get your enrollment packet today.