What does a Natural PlayScape looks like in Winter?

It’s easy in the spring to plant grass and see flowers bloom and find bugs, worms and birds. It’s easy in the summer to have water play, scoop sand in the beach and do everything under the sun, literally. It’s easy in the fall to find leaves, jump on haystacks and watch the leaves fall and turn….

…but what about winter, rain, cold and kids?

It will be our first winter to explore our Natural Playscape. Here is how you can help.

Number 1:
We want galoshes, rain boots, slip-on muddy boots for….well

… mud stomping, puddle play and whatever else that might make us sloppy.

Check your kid’s closet, your relatives and the good will. If you find a ‘score’ of many rain boots for cheap (really cheap) buy them for the school! You will be a hero!

Number 2:
We want your dirt. Yep you heard us. Before your yard turns to mud, scoop or shovel some into a clear jar, bag or bucket. We have plans for your “clean dirt”. We will look at all the soils, the colors, the grains and really notice the differences. We will probably play in it, paint with it but essentially will use it to enhance our Mud Pie kitchen. We need some mud! Get your child involved. We will label dirt from all the children who bring it in. We’re family now. Your dirt is our dirt!

Starting in December, please bring dirt from your yard (or grandparent’s yard, if theirs is better!)

Number 3:
Prepare your child with layered coats and jackets. A sweatshirt or windbreaker, then a warmer coat for really cold days. Save the fancy coats for going out. Bring coats that can be easily laundered.

Come on Winter. We are ready.