It is such a delight to walk around the play area and watch children thoroughly enjoying the environment not for the sake of what we have created, but for what they are imagining. I take photos, but cannot quite capture the expressions that range from intensity to complete relaxation; from energetic ignition to complex discovery.

Our completed Phase One and Two are holding up fine. The plants, grass and what I think of as the ‘creative envelopes’ we’ve designed, for children to ‘fill’ are still holding true and interesting. We are thrilled that there was so many areas to play, alone and in groups, that the children actually stayed off the new grass long enough for it to take hold. That’s amazing for a preschool.

Now, we have the beginning of a fresh idea for our Phase Three and Four. The shore complete with dock and the picnic area. Phase Three and Four will be designed so that infants and toddlers can enjoy this space. Children of all ages will use the space but we want to keep it more manageable for early walkers and have an open and luxurious grassy “picnic” space for infants to get fresh air laying on a blanket. But the dock will replace our current plastic structure as the new hideout, fort, pier or whatever else their imaginations may conjure up.
We will be delighted to accept: lumber, wood sealer, river rocks (large ones), sod and soil for this project.

Our EATING FOR THE PLAYSCAPE Fundraiser is on June 15th, 2011.
Sell tickets.
Eat or don’t eat.

This revenue will create the dock and the grass for these two new areas.
Tickets on sale now for $5 per person or child. Dinner on June 15th 5:30 at Caring Connection Children’s Center.

Call for more info 916 371-3301