June 2011 Community Dinner & Natural Playscape Fundraiser
Goals, Give-Aways and Good Eatin’

What’s it all about?

Raising money for the next phase of our FABULOUS playground re-do.
But what did we get? A chunk of money and so much more! At our first parent-teacher meeting regarding the Playscape, we had 6 people who attended and 8 people who worked on our Dig & Plant workday.

This new event brought our level of participation up by 7 times! We have over 53 people who bought tickets for the dinner equalling $265.00 and the raffle brought a whopping $155.00

                                                                                                                       AND WHAT ELSE DID WE GET?

Community: Sense of camaraderie, working together for a common goal.

Connection: Time to visit and converse for parents who share the same child care center but rarely have time to meet an exchange.

Awareness: For the past 2 months we have been promoting this event, so we know with the turn out and the all of the internet energy that has gone into this, more and more people are aware of: our fabulous yard, amazing teachers and Caring Connection Children’s Center, in general, for what we hope will be more enrollment, word of mouth and long term income.

Kharma: Yes, indeed. We’ve changed our attention, turned our focus, re-tuned our forks and everything good is coming …and it’s all about nature and creativity. We’ve been invited to be trained in Go Wild! Melanie and Julie will received Trainer Certifications, qualifying us to train our entire staff and others, should we choose.

Since we’ve begun this blog, we have joined Children’s Nature Network, Next Generation Parenting (Julie has become an official blogger for their site) and benefit from many other blogs and web resources. We are so grateful to have opened our arms further to nature and to gift this love for natural fun to the children in our care.

Total Gross Revenue from June Spaghetti Feed $430.00
Less Costs $128.00

Total Net Proceeds $302.00

Thank you to our special commercial donors:
Granzella’s Deli and Gift Shop (1 gift),
Nicki Holland of Mary Kay Cosmetics (2 gifts),
Caring Connection Children’s Center (3 gifts),

Personal donors:
Jennie & Mario, Ayana’s parents (1 gift)
Brandon’s family (1 gift)