The fresh air of fall and the light rain that seems to wash
off the year come this season. At Caring Connection Children’s Center, the beach
with it’s summer history takes a dampened appearance, the yard diggers and
movers, toys and trucks hold less energy than they did just weeks ago…

But as
this season wraps itself into the next, there is the small gifts of new life
that have opportunity to reemerge. Small shafts of grass creep up near our
slide hill as the little feet of children avoid the muddy areas (with teacher
help, of course).

The bales of hay have begun to decompose, as nature intended,
into a soft ground covering and now even more into the earth. The leaves and
twigs fall from the trees and wait in the puddles for the next transformation
that they will become.
The transformation, cleansing and waiting for spring
have already commenced. Join us. Take a deep, fresh breath of the air and
——relax a little. Hold your loved ones and wait to see what will happen
Something always does.