“Let’s Get this Project Started!”

Caring Connection Children’s Center announces the next phase of our Natural Playscape.

We invite you to grab your shovels, work gloves, sunscreen and join us on:

SATURDAY, August 6th 9:00-12:00

Below are our plans:

1. Move existing bark to one side of the current bark pit.
2. Secure driftwood (or sandblasted logs) to shore up the sand area and separate from grassy area. (Do you know someone with beach property?? Can you get us some large driftwood?)
3. Set in place large boulders for climbing and exploration.
4. Build a new peeler core side for our sandy beach to live.
5. Shovel soil on top of the bark which will now serve as drainage mulch.
6. Shovel sand into newly created sand area.
7. Lay sod over new soil.
8. Sink potted palm and beach trees into sand and adjacent grass area.
9. Hang fishing nets and shells on to fence behind new sand area, “the beach”.
10. Water new lawn and plants.

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