You may not know that preschool teachers are terrible (or wonderful) hoarders.
But now we want to share why!
Go Kenji! Yes, all you wine drinkers. This one’s for you!
And at Christmas time it’s very easy to ask for the end cuts of pine trees.
These end cuts add an aromatic and natural play element.
And they are FREE!
But here is the real magic.
Throwaways…disposable stuff…garbage….
that all of us get rid of and throw into the landfills…
These are the remaining (and completely washed pieces) from
Glade Airwicks. But for Anthony, it’s a tower or a magic wand
…..whatever he wants.
And even more magical is how perfectly Zoe made the same throw-aways fit into the back of our bench. It’s like tic-tac-toe, but even better!
So the next time you notice you are throwing out that little
plastic “gee-gaw” that came in the pizza carton;
or the cute lid to the liquid laundry detergent, give it a second look.
Maybe you’d be willing to save it,
store a bunch and bring them in to extend our kids’ imaginations.

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