The first full week of our Natural Playscape with the children in it full force has been quite an event. We’ve added round rocks around the sand pit to create some natural definition and an edge to limit the sand from being removed completely. An alumni parent (Kyle’s dad) has been cutting and shaping wood branches to use as edging around one of the paths. We have added stepping stones into the decomposed granite walking trail as these pavers have become available from donations, (Daniel’s mom and dad). We’ve watered the existing plants and have had several more donated (Eisely’s mom) for future planting. The grass sod purchased is being watered to hope it will begin to grow… and the kids have been very agreeable to stay off the slide hill to help the grass get rooted.Many parents and grandparents have been dragged out to the yard to see the new playscape, which I must admit seems less defined and mostly messy when I observe them viewing it. But to the kids, it’s heavenly! And that’s the whole point.