Of all the ways there are to learn, letting young children be young while they figure out a few things is not only what we DO, it’s what we BELIEVE. So many years will be spent with a pencil and paper to tack up or fold in a drawer. These learning moments have been captured, collected and printed so you can see the JOY in learning.

Spacial Concepts

Body Awareness

Science and Measuring

Autonomy and Independence

Learning, in a child's way

Eye-hand Coordination

Concentration and Focus

Learning, in a child's way

I hope your day is filled with as much joy through learning as these children have in just a few brief moments. Put on your coat, take a break and walk outside. Rustle through the leaves, hear your own breath (maybe even see it in the cold winter morning).

Learning, in a Child’s Way

And, upon reflection you see yourself with the same awe and wonder as the children do, in a child’s way.

Learning, in a child's way