Our Natural Playscape and ‘outdoor classroom’ thinking just got a big shot in the arm. Julie Jenkins Sathe (Executive Director) and Melanie Fristoe (Site Director) have completed the “Growing Up Wild” training and facilitator’s certification through the California Department of Fish and Game.

What a great resource guide they’ve provided.

Our Natural Playscape

It is so aligned with our own curriculum and will extend our teacher’s ability to plan. They will have ready material to make learning about: nature, plants, animals and the environment while treating all with respect. And just in time for our summer in-service. All of our teachers will be trained!

Natural Playscape

Here’s another great opportunity to remind parents of all the learning that can go on when you get outside with your child. I will begin posting small (after work) ideas that you can take, as you wish and incorporate easily into your normal routine.

Natural Playscape

We are so excited at Caring Connection and hope you are too!