Elk Grove: Location Closed

10980716_758525387550223_9097901793177747039_nWelcome to our Elk Grove Campus! Parents have ample parking in the lot and our entrance is through our brightly colored preschool courtyard. Your child’s safety is always our top priority, so we have a coded entrance door. Visitors can simply ring the bell and be greeted. Enrolled parents will be given the code.

Elk Grove Facility

Our center is comprised of two large spaces. There is an entryway where parents sign in and walk children into their classroom and the teachers. This front hallway is also the location of one of our bathrooms, the parent bulletin boards, tuition box and children’s cubbies.  As you enter the first classroom space notice it is dedicated to the Buddies’ Class. The Buddies are our “Transitioning Preschoolers”, aka “two year olds”. This classroom space will be where they have their small group times like Circle, Focus and Art. It is equipped with our changing table and has ready access to our shared bathroom. We specifically design this space for the younger children, a smaller environment, with their own teacher. We will prepare them in Language Arts, Nature and Science, Math and Building, Dramatic Play, and Art…lots of room for Art! Of course there is plenty of tiled space for our wholesome meals.

In the second classroom we’ve designed the larger classroom space to accommodate two class groups of preschool and prekindergarten groups, the Pals and the Friends’ classes, typically ages 3-5. For this children we have ample space for two class groups and all of our wholesome lunches, snacks and breakfast. We have areas for Dramatic Play, Language Arts, Early Writing and Math, Building and Manipulative play and lots of space for creativity and Art! There are carpeted spaces, large spaces and small spaces, floor play areas and table play areas. We strive to create unique environments so that children who choose to play alone have that opportunity; and children who want to be social have space to do so. This is a shared classroom, each class can use the space at alternate times while the other class in on the playground and they may come together for Social Play and Art and learn from one another.

Our outdoor space is almost double the size required for our 30 children. It’s big enough to run and play, but also well designed so that the children have vignettes of play; out door art studio, our beach and sand area to our mud pie kitchen, our digging mound meadow and our climbing structure.

One of the goals of Owner Julie Jenkins Sathe, was to create a natural play space to inspire children to learn through curiosity, wonder and nature. We have embellished the space with a meadow, a beach area, are working on a meandering dry creek bed and plenty of patio space for our outdoor art studio and picnics. These areas provide an amazing natural learning area for all types of science and safe water-play, weather permitting. We have opted to retain the large climbing structure and slides. The yard is dotted a variety of plants, herbs and flowers. Central to the playground is a custom created sand box adorned with huge pieces of driftwood. The one thing that we know is that the yard will continually change and transform.

Rocks and a Gold Pen

Rocks and a Gold Pen

Out of the classrooms, is our full kitchen where we prepare breakfast, lunch and three snacks. When at full capacity, we will operate with three class groups, sharing the classroom spaces and alternating the use of the indoor and outdoor spaces for the best development needs of the children.

The Elk Grove Classes

Our class groups are: The Buddies (2-3 year olds), The Pals (3-4 year olds) and The Friends (4-5 year olds). All of our age groups are based on development, not birthdays so this is just a guideline for parents. We happily accept children who are still in diapers and will work as a team with parents to assist in Independent Toileting.

The Transitioning preschoolers, or the Buddies’ class will be limited to approximately 6-8 children who are younger and learning to use the toilet or are still being diapered. The Pals’ class comprised of 8-10 children and Friends’ class making that class for 11-12 children.