On June 15th, Wednesday evening Caring Connection will step it up and offer our first COMMUNITY DINNER Spaghetti Feed for only $5 per person/child. Fun events for kids, too. (Of course we’re a preschool.)

Get your tickets starting NEXT WEEK, May 16th. Invite family, friends, grandparents and curious neighbors. This is a community event and we want it big!!

We won’t cook in the Mud-Pie kitchen. We promise. 🙂

All proceeds will go into the Natural Playscape fund. Keeping in mind that we are making the best of recyclable goods and natural products, even these items cost money. Let’s make this project easier by fluffing up the budget and spreading the word about Caring Connection’s great program and playscape.

Complete Menu: Spaghetti with red or pesto sauce, meatballs on the side; green salad, french bread; coffee, tea and milk; strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

AND YES! RAFFLE TICKETS TOO!! What a fun, family event. Don’t miss it and bring your friends. See you soon.