Heating it up!
Matrim is transfixed by the fire, a heritage that we all share.


Time to Eat.

Karmin offers to help Owner Julie Jenkins Sathe roast a hot dog as teacher Kellie photo bombs!
Daddy Brian cautions Matrim to be ‘safe’ near the fire 
as they prepare their dog.
Daddy Trey meets Fiona at preschool (thanks to ‘kind’ Grandma for helping transport).
Teacher Kellie enjoys a bit of a break as the dads take over.
Owner Julie Jenkins Sathe hams it up while eating her dog. 
Fiona takes a bite – yep out of the middle!

Cooling Down. 

Daddy Trey and Fiona operate the water on the slide.

Teacher (and Mom of Sam) Kellie braves 
the slide while Trey and Fiona spray her.

Mama Nikki braves the water
slide as daughter Karmin operates the water.
Fiona made it through the slide, with dad at the ready.

Slowing it down.

Taking some time out of their afternoons a few of our Dads joined 
Caring Connection Children’s Center- J Street 
for a hot dog roast and afternoon play. 
Letting the children lead the way is Brian Williams, 
offering a bit of shade time and book reading.

Wrapping up.

Thanks to all the dads, moms, stepparents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles and friends 
who make up the village that helps to raise a child.