At Caring Connection Children’s Center we have three preschool class groups, the Pals, the Friends and the Partners. The children within the class groups are matched so that they are working with other children in their range of development; social, verbal, intellectual, emotional and physical. But, we are a small school so no class works entirely alone. As a small school -with a small staff- Social Play both inside and outside overlap with one other class. This allows children to benefit from their older peers and to learn to lead their younger peers. This is all intentionally designed for the best balance. Teachers give one another breaks, lunch hours and classroom assistance throughout the day so that all children are familiar with all teachers even including the infant room staff.


Although we don’t want to get hung up on ages, the Pals is for children who have turned 2 years old but may range all the way up to 3 ½. The child and the group are what we look at, not the age. We want to make sure the child is getting the best fit for their development, their personality and their continued success. The Friend’s class is primarily for children who are 2 years away from kindergarten and the Partner’s class is for those kids who will go to kindergarten in the next cycle. These are general rules and are restricted also by what ages are enrolled.

Although rare, sometimes children will visit another class group due to behavioral issues. This is one of the options we have because our teacher child ratios are low. We can offer an escape hatch for the child who is struggling and allows a positive experience for them and the other children. Sometimes just another environment helps give both child and teacher breathing room. This is sometimes the case with siblings. We may need to make adjustments so that one sibling is not deferring to the other.

Moving up:
As we approach summer, some of our oldest children will transition away to Kindergarten and other programs. As this process of attrition begins the existing children will begin to progress to the next class. This is not based on their birthday, but their development. Please rest assured we want the best match for your child. We also do our best to make sure children do not have two years in a class group. Keep in mind, we are always in favor of your child’s success and that is our focus.

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