It’s important that children are given real foods to taste, try and even refuse. At Caring Connection we continually try to balance fun with wholesome and hearty, new and interesting tastes with comfort foods and sure things.

The other thing that is worth mentioning is how much learning happens at meal time. Sharing…. there are other people who are hungry, please pass the food; decision making… how much do I want, how much will I eat; using utensils that are child sized and out of the ordinary like ladles, spaghetti servers and tongs, what great fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills.

Food is not just about surviving, but it’s about learning new tastes, likes and dislikes and up-leveling children’s young palettes. It is about health and comfort, familiarity and newness.

Join us anytime, any day. You never know what’s cookin’ at Caring Connection.