Let them make a mess

Today we really got to see the children play in our new playscape. Although it is still a work in progress, the newness and the options that this yard opened up for the kids was amazing. Their imagination was immediately ignited. As teachers, we had to rethink some of our “rules” and find some negotiating points for changing old limits in favor of creativity. Hip hip hooray!

Let them make a mess
We added some new variety of grass-like plants to the as yet unused Slide Hill. When they grow I want the feeling of sliding down the hill in a meadow, not just
lawn. But we must learn to be patient while the sod takes hold to make the lawn.
Let them make a mess
We determined we would add a sand pit at the base of the slide to cushion the fall.
We planted a bit more sod to green up the front area.
We will be adding more stepping stones or pavers around the apple tree for a fun, spiral walk…not a true labyrinth, but close.
All in all, we couldn’t be more delighted with the change. It’s so nice for the children to be thrilled to go and play outside, really be busy and doing not just hovering. So…I say keep the outdoor ideas flowing. Oh, yeah we still have the other half of the yard to redo.
So…. come on folks, pitch in with labor, money or ideas! My favorite play was Solise making “Soup Salad”.